Brief History of the CMUL PT Program

The Department of Physiotherapy, Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) commenced in 1968 with Mr. G.I. Odia (now Prof Odia) the only staff and pioneer head of department. With the establishment of the clinical department, preparation started in 1969 to commence the training (academic) of physiotherapy manpower in the then Lagos Medical School (now College of Medicine, University of Lagos; CMUL). And in 1971/1972 academic session, Physiotherapy Unit was established under the Department of Peadiatrics Lagos Medical School, University of Lagos.

The program of studies in Physiotherapy (three year) at this time led to the award of a Diploma in Physiotherapy of the University of Lagos. The pioneer set of the physiotherapy diploma programme completed their studies in 1975. They were 5 candidates namely; Rasheed Gadamosi, Ukaegbu, Miss Gay, Miss Simpson and one other candidate. The pioneer head of the diploma programme was Mr. G.I. Odia, who heads both the clinical (LUTH) and academic (CMUL) wings of the department.

The Department of Physiotherapy (an autonomous department), School of Clinical Sciences (now Faculty of Clinical Sciences), College of Medicine, University of Lagos was established by Senate of the University on July 1, 1980. With effect from July 1980 and with new study duration of four year, the certificate obtainable on successful completion of a course of studies in Physiotherapy became a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) degree in Physiotherapy.

In 1997, the curriculum was revised and upgraded in order to meet up with international standards. Under this new curriculum, the certificate obtainable on successful completion of a course of studies in physiotherapy became a professional degree denoted as Bachelor of Physiotherapy (B. Physiotherapy). A new study duration of five years also took effect under the new curriculum for candidates admitted with GCE (Ordinary Level) / WASSCE. The first set of students under this 5-year programme completed their course of studies in August 2003.
Currently the Department is upgrading its undergraduate curriculum to suit the Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT) programme in line with the need for harmonized entry level for physiotherapists as advocated by the WCPT.
The departmental is currently operating under 6 academic units, namely; Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy, Neuro-Physiotherapy & Mental Health, Orthopeadic & Sports Physiotherapy, Ergonomics & Occupational Health Physiotherapy, Physiotherapy in Women Health and Peadiatrics Physiotherapy. Work is in progress for 2 additional units, Geriatric Physiotherapy and Community Physiotherapy & Primary Health.

Current Students (Undergraduate and Postgraduate) Enrolment

In 2008, the Department made a landmark progress with the commencement of its long-awaited postgraduate programmes; MSc, MPhil, and PhD in four specialties; Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy, Neuro-Physiotherapy, Orthopeadic & Sports Physiotherapy, and Ergonomics & Industrial Physiotherapy (now Ergonomics & Occupational Health Physiotherapy).
The first sets of students for M.Sc degree and M.Phil/ Ph.D programmes were admitted during the 2008/2009 Academic session. And the first set of M.Sc. students (10 in number) completed their studies in September 2009.
The department graduated its first Ph.D candidate in the 2012. Till date, the postgraduate programme of the Department has produced 6 Ph.Ds. Two of these PhD holders are lecturing in Canada. In the 2013/2014 session alone, an impressive number of four Ph.Ds was produced. And one of the candidates won the best Thesis Award in the College of Medicine / Faculty of Pharmacy, and 2nd overall best Thesis Award in the university among 98 other candidates.

M. Sc Graduate from Inception Till date
Number of Graduate

The Department has an envious record as it has produced two professors of physiotherapy till date. In 2011 Professor SRA Akinbo (current head of both the clinical and academic wings of the department) became the first alumnus of the department to become a professor of physiotherapy in the university. In 2002, the first Professorial Inaugural Lecture to be given in the life of the University of Lagos by a physiotherapist (and the second in any Nigerian University) was delivered by Professor IO Owoeye. Also, in August 2014, Professor SRA Akinbo delivered the second inaugural lecture by a professor of physiotherapy in the university (and the 6th in any Nigerian University).

The Department has grown from just one lecturer at inception to the current number of sixteen lecturers. More interesting is the rapid academic capacity building. As at 2004, only one lecturer in the department had a PhD degree, but as of now 13 out of 16 lecturers have PhD degrees.

The academic staff are listed below
Name  E-mail Address Specialty & Sub-Specialty
Prof. SRA Akinbo, Head of Department, Orthopaedic & Sports / Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy;  Physiotherapy Education
Prof. I. O. Owoeye Orthopaedic Physiotherapy
Dr. O. A. Olawale Neuro- Physiotherapy & Mental Health, Physiotherapy Education
Mr. C. B. Aiyejusunle Neuro- Physiotherapy & Mental Health
Dr. D. O. Odebiyi Orthopaedic & Sports / Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy;  
Dr. (Mrs.) B. A. Tella Orthopaedic & Sports / Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Physiotherapy in Womens’ Health
Dr. (Mrs.) A. I. Aiyegbusi Orthopaedic & Sports / Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
Dr. U.A.C. Okafor Ergonomics & Occupational Health Physiotherapy
Dr. (Mrs.) A. K. Akodu Orthopaedic & Sports / Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
Dr. (Mrs.) H. A. Aweto Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy
Dr. C. A. Gbiri Neuro- Physiotherapy & Mental Health
Dr. (Mrs) O.A Ajiboye Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy; Cardiac Rehabilitation
Dr. O. A. Fapojuwo Orthopaedic & Sports / Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
Dr. R. O. Kareem Peadiatrics Physiotherapy
Miss T. O. Igbari Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy
Mr. B. L. Ileyemi Neuro- Physiotherapy & Mental Health

The Department has created an outstanding record in the College through its continued visibility in many university activities. In the 2011/2012 session, a 300 level physiotherapy student (Muyiwa Adejugbagbe) won the Second Best University Debate Award during the annual Inter-Faculty Debate Competition. Similarly, in 2012/2013 session a 400 level physiotherapy student (Temitope Ojelade) won the Second Best University Debate Award in the same competition. And in 2015 400 level physiotherapy student (Adewale Jeremiah) won the Overall Best University Debate Award in the same competition. This student is presently representing the entire University of Lagos in Nigerian Inter-Universities Debate Competition.

The Department has produced many alumni who are doing very well in their respective practices, academic and other endeavours in Nigeria and other parts of the world. Many have made contributions through outstanding donations and services to the Department and the College. A few more have indicated their willingness to give back to the system soon.

The Department has consistently won the Faculty Research prices at the annual UNILAG Research Conference and Fair in recent years. In the just concluded fair (October 2014), the Department of Physiotherapy won the First, Second and Third best Research Awards in the Faculty of Clinical Sciences comprising of 13 departments.

Work is in progress for a three storey building complex (Sir Olu Okeowo Centre for Physiotherapy) through a private sponsorship. This complex is scheduled to be commission this year.